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Group promoting exercise for seniors

An advisory committee, developed through a partnership with the Canadian Association for Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) and the Northwestern Health Unit, will host its first event here tomorrow (June 7).

The group, named Energetic Adults Getting Exercise Regularly: Beginning Wave of Busy Baby-Boomers (EAGER Bs), will hold a guided tour of the Cranberry Peatlands Interpretative Trail in Alberton.

“The point of the group is to get women [aged] 55 to 70-plus more physically active,” said Becky Holden of the Northwestern Health Unit.

“They plan to do some activities appropriate for that age and that women that age want to try,” she added.

Holden noted the newly-formed group developed from a workshop held in March, and it acquired funding through CAAWS to run a local program.

A similar advisory committee also has been formed in Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls, where programs are being held at the seniors’ centre.

“Women of all ages are less physically active than males, but we really see this difference become pronounced in the 65-74 age category,” Holden said.

“It’s a critical age for women to be active,” she stressed.

“At this time, we want women to put time into being physically active so they can live a better quality of life.”

Those interested in attending the tour of the Cranberry Peatlands Interpretative Trail can leave their name and phone number at 274-9827 in case of a re-scheduling due to inclement weather.

The group will meet at McDonald’s at 12:45 p.m. and then arrange a car pool to head out the trail, which is located at the end of Whitmore Road.

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