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Cyclists promoting childhood fitness

Four chiropractic students are leading by example as they pedal from Vancouver to Halifax promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity to Canadian children.

They’re sharing their holistic health tips through presentations at summer camps. And one month into their summer-long trip, they’re seeing lots of enthusiasm from young people.

“The kids have been really receptive, they’ve been really smart,” noted Kari Primak.

“They know so much and we’ve been having a lot of fun with that,” she added.

The presentations include information on nutrition, fitness, and stress management, in general, along with specific details on diabetes and osteoporosis.

Primak, along with her fellow Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College students, Steve Malone, Alex Yu, and Brittany Filipetti, flew to Vancouver from Toronto to begin their trip June 13.

Two group members drive while the other two bike their way east each travel day, during which they might cycle from 75 km up to 260 km.

They arrived here in Fort Frances on Monday evening for an overnight rest before heading off to Thunder Bay, where they will make their next presentation.

While they did not formally present to any groups here, the future chiropractors did inspire Kurt and Chase McGuire, sons of local chiropractor Jeremy McGuire and his wife, Catherine, who hosted the group in town.

Filipetti suggested that anyone hoping to add some more physical activity to their routine should approach it day by day, making small progressions while building to a goal.

Primak, meanwhile, stressed the importance of enjoying the road to fitness.

“Don’t run if you don’t like running,” she reasoned. “Find something that you love to do and then keep doing that.

“As long as you’re moving and getting your body active, that’s the best thing,” she added.

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