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Candidates ‘healthy’

The Heart and Stroke Foundation extends its congratulations to the election hopefuls of Thunder Bay-Superior North, Thunder Bay-Atikokan, and Kenora-Rainy River for having the highest percentage of candidates in Ontario ridings to “go healthy!”

In Kenora-Rainy River, NDP candidate Sarah Campbell, Liberal candidate Anthony Leek, and PC candidate Rod McKay have signed on to be “Healthy Candidates.”

The same holds true in the ridings of Thunder Bay-Superior North (Liberal Michael Gravelle, PC Anthony Leblanc, and NDP Steve Mantis) and Thunder Bay-Atikokan (PC Fred Gilbert, NDP Mary Kozorys, and Liberal Bill Mauro).

In doing so, they all have pledged to invest more to promote and support better health in Ontario.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s “Healthy Candidates” campaign is designed to focus the attention of both voters and candidates on the need to create a healthier future for Ontario.

“Heart and Stroke congratulates the voters of Northwestern Ontario and each of these ‘Healthy Candidates,’” said Tom McAllister, COO, Ontario, Heart and Stroke Foundation.

“We hope that all provincial candidates will go healthy, and so we’re encouraging all Ontarians to go online to challenge their local candidates to support this critical initiative,” he added.

Nearly 220 candidates have signed on to the campaign already, with more than 2,200 voters joining in the call for action.

There are many ways to engage in and support the campaign.

Voters can communicate directly with their local candidates via social media tools, phone, or e-mail.

Candidates, meanwhile, can pledge to become “Healthy Candidates” by visiting

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