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Scientists on trail of superbug gene

TORONTO—The discovery that a gene which turns some bacteria into antibiotic-resistant superbugs has been in Canada for at least five years has scientists wondering when it first emerged and how to stop its spread.

The MCR-1 gene makes E. coli and some other species of bacteria resistant to colistin—an antibiotic considered the drug of last resort for some diseases.

Weather experts say it’s time to get ready for a winter whiplash as the polar vortex is about to elbow wet and warm El Nino out

WASHINGTON Get ready for weather whiplash as powerful climatic forces elbow each other for starring roles in a weird winter show.

The spine-chilling polar vortex is taking centre stage in Europe and bringing persistent cold to much of North America ‚Äî except in Hollywood, where soggy El Nino won’t give up the spotlight.

5 supersize stars found in other galaxies

KISSIMMEE, Fla. Scientists have discovered five supersize stars in other galaxies on a par with the monstrous stellar system in our own Milky Way.

Eta Carinae is the brightest and most massive star system within 10,000 light-years of us. The binary system is located in the southern constellation of Carina, a ship’s keel, and outshines our own sun by 5 million times.

Rare galaxy with 2 black holes has 1 starved of stars; odd intermediate size or just dieting?

KISSIMMEE, Fla. An astrophysicist has discovered something even rarer than a double-black hole galaxy: a skinny black hole.

The University of Colorado’s Julie Comerford reported her findings Tuesday at the American Astronomical Society’s annual meeting in Kissimmee (kuh-SIMM-ee) Florida.