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Easy steak, bistro chicken that can be frozen

Dorian Burns-Coyne enjoys cooking, but he was frustrated by trying to find meal inspiration when he got home from a long day at his job in advertising.

The single man scoured websites, but “a lot of times the recipes would call for types of equipment or processes I didn’t know or ingredients I didn’t have, and it would just end up being a hassle more than anything.”

Roasted beet and citrus salad

Salad: The least loved side of holiday dinners. But it doesn’t have to be.

The problem with most of the salads served at holiday meals is they tend to lack inspiration and usually are made from lacklustre ingredients. Fair enough. Our focus usually is on the roast and heartier — and way more interesting — sides, like scalloped potatoes and gravies and baked this-and-thats.