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Body of officer returned

LANGFORD, B.C.—A second sombre procession is scheduled to travel along the highways of southern Vancouver Island today as the body of RCMP Cst. Sarah Beckett is returned to Langford.

The Capital Regional District Traffic Safety Commission said a plane carrying Beckett’s body was due to land at the Victoria airport around 2:30 p.m.

Security of military bases under review

OTTAWA—The House of Commons’ defence committee will hold closed-door hearings on the state of security at Canadian military bases, The Canadian Press has learned.

Conservative MP James Bezan, the party’s defence critic, proposed the idea, which recently was accepted by the all-party committee, although a date for the investigation has yet to be scheduled.

B.C. town opts to toss straws

VANCOUVER—Some businesses in an ocean-side town on Vancouver Island are eliminating plastic drinking straws—taking a first slug against plastic waste.

Businesses in the tourist destination of Tofino have been asked to stop routinely handing out straws and to provide biodegradable options on request, said Michelle Hall, co-chair of a non-profit group that’s spearheading the campaign.

Parizeau speech released

MONTREAL—Quebec is standing tall and the world should make space for the new country, the late premier Jacques Parizeau said in a speech prepared in the event of a “Yes” victory in the 1995 sovereignty referendum.

Parizeau’s comments—made in English and French—were destined for media organizations but were not aired because of the “No” side’s win on Oct. 30, 1995.

Campaign targets bogus 9-1-1 calls

Edmonton police say some of the calls they get for 9-1-1 are so ridiculous, they are launching a campaign reminding citizens of when not to phone the emergency line.

They say one of the worst ones was a call from a driver at West Edmonton Mall who had nosed his vehicle part-way into a parking stall and was annoyed another woman wouldn’t give up challenging him for the spot.