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Que. woman may be world’s oldest person

MONTREAL—It’s universally accepted that parents want to die before their children, but outliving Cecilia Laurent has proven difficult.

Laurent is believed to have turned 120 on Sunday and is possibly the world’s oldest person.

Her 28-year-old great-grandson, Ronald Chery, said only three of Laurent’s 12 children are still alive, with the eldest in her 80s.

Fixing FN homes to be costly: report

WINNIPEG—Internal government documents say Manitoba First Nations live in some of the most dilapidated homes in the country and it will cost $2 billion to eliminate mould and chronic overcrowding in that province alone.

That’s almost 13 times more than the $150 million the federal government has budgeted for housing on all reserves across Canada this year.

Sledders back on mountain after five others killed

McBRIDE, B.C.—The day after a colossal avalanche killed five snowmobilers in eastern B.C., Thea Pelletier climbed aboard her machine and returned to the backcountry wilderness.

She unfastened a yellow plastic lily from her backpack and planted the flower in pristine snow to pay her respects.

“I had a moment. It was intense. It was bigger than thou,” Pelletier said.