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150th cash doled out

OTTAWA—Money for classical music and various community projects will flow from the government’s latest contributions to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday next year.

During an event in Toronto, the Liberal government announced $7.5 million for the city’s symphony orchestra to create a music program highlighting Canadian talent.

Feds toy with DIY science

VANCOUVER—In a community laboratory she co-founded, Alaina Hardie isolates and sequences sections of her own DNA though she has no formal education in biology.

The Toronto software developer believes that “citizen scientists” like her have potential to make breakthroughs as significant as universities or big corporations.

It appears the federal government thinks so, too.

Mulcair recalls moment of clarity

OTTAWA—Tom Mulcair was leaving the national capital—his devastating federal election defeat still stinging—when he realized he wanted to stay on as leader of the NDP.

Mulcair, having just wrapped up a post-election event in Ottawa with defeated colleague and “extraordinary friend” Paul Dewar, was returning to his hometown of Montreal with his deputy chief of staff Chantale Turgeon.