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Pokémon play costly

BRANDON, Man.—A Manitoba driver who thought it was OK to play Pokémon Go on her cellphone while she was behind the wheel has learned an expensive lesson about when and where she can enjoy the popular game.

The 21-year-old Carberry woman has been fined $203.80 by the RCMP for using a hand-held electronic device while driving.

Shooting star ‘outburst’ forecast

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.—The heavens will be bursting with shooting stars this week.

Tonight into early tomorrow, the annual Perseid meteor shower is expected to peak with double the normal number of meteors.

Scientists call this an outburst, and they say it could reach up to 200 meteors per hour.

Prime viewing should be in the pre-dawn hours of Friday, after the moon sets.

Bride given away by man with dad’s heart

SWISSVALE, Pa.—A Pennsylvania woman who was married this weekend had her late father’s spirit with her—and his heart.

Jeni Stepien was escorted down the aisle Saturday by the man who received her father’s heart 10 years ago when her father was killed by a mugger. His organs were donated after his death, and the recipient was Arthur Thomas, of New Jersey, KDKA-TV reported.

Meme ridicules suicide: Todd’s mom

VANCOUVER—A mock movie poster for “Suicide Squad” depicting Amanda Todd with celebrities who killed themselves has drawn the British Columbia teenager’s mother into another battle against cyberbullying and trolls.

Carol Todd is taking aim at an Internet memes she spotted including one with photographs of her daughter, actor Robin Williams and rocker Kurt Cobain.

Bridge sculptures confusing

EDMONTON—An official with the Canadian Mental Health Association is hoping strange, human-shaped figures that were placed on an Edmonton bridge’s controversial suicide prevention barriers spark a discussion about mental health.

But Ione Challborn said the message the sculptures sent is confusing, and since there’s no word on who put them up, there’s no way to understand the motive.