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Revoked Nexus cards reinstated--for now

OTTAWA—Trusted-traveller Nexus cards revoked from about 200 Canadian permanent residents have been reinstated, at least for now, said Public Safety minister Ralph Goodale.

The Nexus cards, which help people cross the border more swiftly, were cancelled a few days ago because a recent U.S. executive order on immigration made the holders ineligible, Goodale confirmed yesterday.

Civil servants love 'sit-stand' desks

OTTAWA—It seems some federal workers don't want to be caught sitting down on the job.

A pilot project in one government department has found public servants really like their sit-stand desks—so much so, some reported anxiety about being moved to a new position or assignment that would make them give up the chance to spend some or all of the day on their feet.

Citizen science helps battle moose ticks

VANCOUVER—The sight of an ungainly and mostly hairless white moose trudging into a northern British Columbia town has become the most visible sign of the winter tick problem in the province.

The parasite literally sucks the life out of its host while the moose stops feeding to spend time scratching and rubbing away its hair in an attempt to rid itself of its itchy burden.

What happens after refugees walk across border to Canada?

WINNIPEG—People have been walking across the U.S. border to claim refugee status for years, but a Winnipeg immigration lawyer says he's not used to seeing them cross over in the bitter cold.

When they arrive, says Bashir Khan, they often are thirsty and hungry.

For some, the first Canadian they meet is a farmer who welcomes them inside and offers a meal.

Advisers propose higher retirement age

OTTAWA—The Trudeau government's economic advisory council is recommending Ottawa raise the age of retirement eligibility and explore a national child-care program as ways to deliver a much-needed participation boost for the country's workforce.

The proposals were among a collection of new suggestions released yesterday by the government's hand-picked growth council.