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Liberals want probe of Ford videos


TORONTO—Ontario's Liberals have asked Elections Ontario to investigate Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford's use of campaign videos that the governing party says might flout election finance rules.

In a statement released yesterday, the Liberals say they've asked the chief electoral officer to look into Ford Nation Live, which produces TV-news style videos.

The website features news about Ford's campaign, with staffers speaking directly to the camera and interviewing supporters using Ford Nation-branded microphones.

There's a note at the bottom of the website saying it was authorized by the CFO for the Ontario Progressive Conservative party.

But the Liberals allege Ford is trying to pass off “political advertising” as media coverage, noting the videos aren't identified as having been created by Ford's party.

The governing party said the videos could lead some viewers to believe they're watching a real news show.

“The Conservative campaign is not just misleading Ontarians, it may be running afoul of election laws,” a statement from the party says.

“Nowhere on the Ford's Fake News videos does the Conservative Party identify itself as having created it—a requirement in the Elections Financing Act.”

A spokeswoman for Ford says his campaign is not worried about the investigation request.

“Unlike Kathleen Wynne who is [campaigning] on the taxpayer's dime, we are following the Elections Ontario rules,” said Melissa Lantsman.

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