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Depositions turn to the White House

WASHINGTON—For only the fourth time in U.S. history, the House of Representatives has started a presidential impeachment inquiry.

House committees are trying to determine if President Donald Trump violated his oath of office by asking Ukraine to investigate political rival Joe Biden and his family, and to investigate the country's involvement in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Car surfer has charge dropped

NASHVILLE—A man accused of riding for 20 miles (32 kilometres) atop a car that sped down a Tennessee interstate has had one of his charges dropped.

Ronnie Sellars, 31, no longer faces a “clinging to a vehicle” charge in Wilson County, but disorderly conduct charges are still pending in neighbouring Davidson County, The Tennessean reported this week.

Torture video found in Alaska contains vital clue to killing

ANCHORAGE, Alaska—The suspect in a brutal torture killing in Alaska's biggest city ended up leading police right to him, first by losing a digital memory card labeled “Homicide at midtown Marriott” that contained video of the dying woman.

Then came an even more innocuous blunder: He spoke on the tape in his distinctive, very un-Alaska accent.