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Winnipeg doctor’s equation helping physicians predict kidney failure

WINNIPEG A Winnipeg doctor’s study on preventing kidney failure is getting recognition in the medical community.

Dr. Navdeep Tangri created a model to predict kidney failure, which was developed at the Seven Oaks Hospital Chronic Disease Innovation Centre.

Tangri developed an equation which can be used to predict which patients are at risk of kidney failure.

It uses a patient’s urine, sex, age and kidney function measurement to give a two and five-year probability of treated kidney failure for patients living with chronic kidney disease.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, tested the equation using patient records of more than 700,000 kidney patients in 30 different countries.

Physicians can use the equation to help kidney patients plan for the future.

Tangri said patients who know their risk could then take steps to reduce their risk by changing their diet, getting exercise and by taking medication prescribed by their doctor.

“I’m really proud to have the study published and grateful for the collaboration of my colleagues at CDIC and at the Chronic Kidney Disease Prognosis Consortium, internationally,” he said. “We’re working to have this model accepted globally by physicians, so that we can make a real difference in preventing kidney failure worldwide.”

(CTV Winnipeg)

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