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Sturgeon Creek holds annual science fair


A science fair was held Feb. 19-23 at Sturgeon Creek School. An open house, held on the evening of Feb. 22, started with a potluck, followed by the viewing of exhibits.

A small but enthusiastic group was welcomed by school council chair Mike Neilson. He said science was to be found every day in our lives, and the open house was a time to view the hard work of all the participating students.

Sturgeon Creek School has a long history of science fair exhibitions. During science fair week, children as young as those in kindergarten were introduced to scientific methods.

Mrs. Ogilvie’s JK/SK class studied magnets and made hypotheses about how magnets would work through different media such as water. They all enjoyed sailing magnet-powered sailboats in a tray of water.

Meanwhile, teachers from grades 4-8 judged students’ projects, which ranged from testing hair defrizzers (Giselle Bonot and Trisha Wilson) to the best bubble gum (Kayla Lauzon).

Sarah Truelove tested watering plants by giving them measured amounts of water.

Other students explored more technical topics, such as electric motors (Matthew Venne), light bulbs which came complete with their own working home-made versions (Matt McQuaker) and (Kris Advent), and Van de Graaff Generators which was a “hair-raising project” (Jay Neilson).

The top standings, which will represent Sturgeon Creek at the district competition, were:

•Grade 4—Jared McQuaker (tooth decay), Nicky Dorie (density of wood), Alicia Desserre (wax sculptures), and Karissa Lauzon (best bubble gum);

•Grade 5—Kayla Lauzon (spot remover);

•Grade 6—Danny Whiting (bridges) and Shannon Gibson (toe fungus);

•Grade 7—Matt McQuaker (the light bulb) and Jay Neilson (Van de Graaff Generator); and

•Grade 8—Julie McQuaker (winter safety for ice and snow), and Giselle Bonot and Trisha Wilson (hair defrizzers)

Visit the school website——and click on the 2001 Science Fair. Also mark the district science fair competition on your calendar.

The public is invited to view the exhibits and the students will enjoy sharing their expertise on their projects. It will be held at Crossroads School on Thursday, March 22.

Public viewing is from 2-4 p.m.

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