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DYS students echo ‘sounds of the season’


Sounds of the season were echoed by Donald Young School students as they presented their annual Christmas concert in the gym packed with parents and friends.

The evening’s entertainment provided everything from music to recitation, skits, and choir participation. As always, children love to perform—especially for their parents.

After principal Nancy Fretter welcomed everyone, Vicki Loney’s JK class sang and marched in “One Little, Two Little, Three Little Bears,” and also recited the poem, “Here Is a Cave.”

Wilma Esselink’s SK class followed with the song “Bells are Ringing” and recited Christmas news.

Helen Mose, on the piano, led her grade two rhythm band in two selections, “Santa’s Reindeer Band” and “Jingle Bells,” then Bill James’ grade seven class did achoral reading entitled “The Boy Who Laughed at Santa Claus.”

Peg Keffer’s grade one students sang “Santa’s Helpers,” then the grade seven/eight class, with teachers Kerri Tolen and Rod Enns, presented the skit, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” with Eric Mosbeck and Allison Williams playing the part of dad and mom.

During the performance, who else but Elvis (played by Chris Edwards) arrived on the scene to brighten up the atmosphere.

Keffer later was back with the grade five/six students singing, “Now the Green Blade Rises,” then teacher Kim Bolen brought the grades three/four on stage for line dancing—all attired in western style—to the tune, “Santa Wave.”

Gary Gamsby and grade five/six presented a French skit entitled, “La Vielle de Noel” before Adriana Schulz had the grade four/five class play “Blue Birchbark Canoe,” “I’d like to Know,” and “Peace Must Be Our Goal” on their recorders.

Then the grade three students joined in to play “The Russian March.”

After Lorna Indian led the grades three/four in the song “Away in a manger” in Ojibway, Pam VanHeyst, with grades three and four, had a presentation in song and slide entitled, “Teaching Peace.”

Lucinda Meyers and the grade five/six class then presented “Grandma’s Story of Christmas in the Nativity Scene,” with Allison Loney playing the part of Grandma.

The program concluded with the audience, accompanied by Cheryl Low on piano, participating in the Christmas carols “What Child Is This,” “O Come All Ye Faithful,” and “Mary’s Boy Child.”

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