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Christmas concert a delight!


It was a typical evening for a Christmas concert: the snow was falling, the parking lot was crowded, and the first dozen rows were almost full an hour before the performance was set to begin.

Such was the case at the annual Sturgeon Creek School Christmas concert last Friday evening.

Despite having roughly half as many students as when the school opened many years ago, the gymnasium still was filled to capacity with parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and friends from across the district.

Mrs. Ogilvie’s JK/SK class opened the evening with two selections—a choir number entitled “Jolly, Jolly Santa” and another “Jingle Bells,” which they played on their kazoos.

The students did an excellent job on their new instruments, and their efforts were greeted with a warm round of applause from the audience.

The next group to take to the stage was Mrs. Haw’s Grade 1/2 class, who delighted those on hand with a unique black light presentation entitled “Reason for the Season.”

Mrs. Hay’s group of Grade 3 students then proceeded to entertain everyone with another set of new instruments. The “boomwackers” are coloured plastic tubes, which are cut so that when they’re struck against the palm, each produces a note from the musical scale.

This talented group played two songs: “Jingle Bells” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

Next up was the Grade 4/5 group under the direction of Mrs. Teeple. They performed a poem entitled “All Kinds of Packages,” in which they told about all kinds of different packages and how they wished they could turn them inside out to see what was inside.

“Christmas Surprise,” a seasonal play by the Grade 7/8 class, featured a special surprise for Santa. His daughter returned unexpectedly to the North Pole with his twin grandchildren.

Like any good grandparent, Santa began to spoil the two little tots with all kinds of presents. In turn, the elves thought that Santa was spending too much time with his grandchildren and had forgotten about the children around the world.

So they began to work overtime to catch up, but this made the reindeer jealous, which started a competition to see which group would make the toys.

Santa ended the argument by announcing he would never forget the children around the world and that there were more than enough toys hidden in a warehouse away from naughty elves.

The JK/SK and Grade 4/5 “Book Buddies” then sang a song which they obviously enjoyed entitled “Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus.” The Grade 3 and 6/7 “Book Buddies” then followed with a song of their own entitled “Little Star.”

The Grade 4/5 class chose the song, “December Nights, December Lights,” as their choral selection for the evening. This, too, received a warm round of applause.

The wonderful evening of Christmas entertainment came to a conclusion with a creative slide show entitled “A Joyful Noise,” which featured the students of the Grade 1/2 class who wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

This seasonal sentiment was echoed by the principal, Mr. Olsen, who also thanked everyone for coming out on such a wintry evening.

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