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Caul repeats as top logger


This year’s logging competition at the Emo Fair probably was the most competitive in recent history.

Eleven Northwestern Ontario loggers were on hand for the annual event, which was held Friday morning, to display their skills and vie for the coveted title of “Champion Logger” for 2012.

The weather definitely co-operated this year and a large crowd turned out to watch the 11 skilled loggers compete.

The annual competition is a chance for local loggers to demonstrate their skills in several areas.

Events include the speed power saw, two-man cross-cut, chair carve, pole felling, buck saw, axe throw, pulpwood toss, axe chop, and tea boil.

The “Jack and Jill” cross-cut challenge also has become a very popular event.

Several women came out of the stands to pair up with one of the competing loggers for the chance to show off their talents.

This year the winning team was Jen Libiak and her father, Kelvin Caul, proving that the “family tradition” at the Emo Fair even extends to the logging business.

Loggers are awarded points during each event, with the winner receiving five points, second place four points, etc.

Safety in each event also is extremely important, with points being accumulated towards the “Safe Logger” award.

The high number of competitors this year seemed to work in favour of reigning champ Kelvin Caul.

Although Caul won several of the events, the rest of the points were spread amongst the other loggers, making it tough for the rest of the field to accumulate enough points to keep it close.

Event emcee Robin McCormick kept the crowd entertained with some jokes, provided interesting facts from previous competitions, and tried to build up the excitement by announcing the winner of each event.

But in the end, Caul once again proved his abilities by gradually pulling away from the rest capturing the title of “Champion Logger.”

The top rookie logger was Brent Kellar.

The Rainy River District Logging and Safety Committee, which hosts the event each year, would like to thank the volunteers from the logging community who helped run this year’s competition.

It also thanks the loggers for taking the time to participate and district businesses/organizations for donating the prizes.

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