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Green’s set to change name


Green’s Countrywide Furniture officially will be known as Green’s Brand Source Home Furnishings later this month.

Travis Green said the buying group Green’s belongs to has decided to change its name to Brand Source.

“Brand Source in the United States is the largest group of independent retailers that are together, and a few years back, our group got the rights to the name in Canada and that’s the name we’ll be using going forward,” he explained.

“With that, [the buying group] will be adding more stores and also more purchasing power because the manufacturers know the name ‘Brand Source,’” Green noted.

“And it carries some pull with manufacturers to get the best pricing possible to compete with the different groups out there to get those good prices on good things,” he added.

“It gives us the ability to be as competitive as possible.

“At the same time, the group that we’re with gives us the ability to make our own decisions,” Green stressed. “A lot of franchises, you’re kind of stuck with whatever the national company goes with.

“We’re able to stay much more independent.”

The name change means the Mowat Avenue store will be getting a new sign, courtesy of local company Pruys Direct, and also will be getting its delivery trucks redone to reflect the new brand.

Green said the store is holding a clearance sale today through Saturday (March 14-17), then it will be closed for a few days.

“We’re trying to make room for all the new stuff we have coming in for the opening,” he noted. “We have quite a bit of stuff left we have to mark down.

“We have to move it before we can put the new stuff out.

“A lot of the brands we currently carry, like Palliser, La-Z-Boy, Ashley, all those brands, we’re still going to be carrying, along with a couple new ones and some different styles,” Greens remarked.

“We’re still going to have the same quality brands we’ve been carrying for years.

“One of the nice things about the independence of our group is we can get almost anything,” he continued. “We’re very flexible and can get almost anything out there.

“A lot of places, you may be looking for something and they’ll tell you, ‘We can’t get that.’ With us, we’re able to go we, ‘We may not have it here, but we can try and go and get that,’” he said.

The store will reopen at 4 p.m. next Wednesday (March 21) for an invite-only sneak preview event. Green’s has mailed out invitations and gift certificates to some of its recent customers, and is asking them to drop by and check out some of the new merchandise.

The grand opening weekend then will start on Thursday (March 22).

Overall, Green said the name change is a positive step to remaining competitive in today’s market.

“This is our 88th year coming up here, and hopefully this will allow us to run another 88-plus,” he remarked.

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