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A.L.A.G. completes regional survey


The Assisted Living Action Group (A.L.A.G.) recently completed a regional survey to collect information that would give direction as it moves forward in its efforts to establish an assisted living facility in Rainy River District.

The group was encouraged by a strong response from interested residents across the district.

The survey provided a great deal of useful information that will be important in creating the action plan to move an assisted living facility forward locally.

Some examples of this information includes:

  • 60 percent of respondents indicated they would rather rent than buy an assisted living unit;
  • 62 percent of respondents who answered this question indicated they would prefer a two-bedroom unit over a one- or three-bedroom unit;
  • most respondents (52 percent) indicated they thought it would be preferable to build an assisted living facility near shopping and recreation facilities; and
  • 89 percent of respondents indicated being able to access an assisted living facility would influence their decision towards remaining in Rainy River District.

Many other questions also were answered, which will help A.L.A.G. in creating its strategic plan.

It is well worth noting the substantial number of respondents who indicated an assisted living facility would result in their staying in the district, instead of continuing the current pattern of leaving to find such accommodations elsewhere.

“It was reassuring to meet so many people who expressed their appreciation for what S.A.L.T./A.L.A.G. are doing,” noted A.L.A.G. chair Erma Armit.

“Numerous people expressed concern about the desperate need for appropriate housing so that older adults can transition, with grace and dignity, from their private dwelling to a nursing home and continue to live in our district,” she stressed.

Armit said common comments from the 45-64 age group were: “It was a good survey but difficult for me to answer” and “It made me realize that I need to start thinking about what I might do if, and when, I need it.”

“I am pleased that the survey had enough responses to take us to the next step,” said Armit. “There are many hoops to jump through before the spade goes in the ground.

“However, with motivated, committed individuals putting their minds and expertise together, and keeping their eye on where the puck is going, I anticipate an innovative plan will emerge,” she remarked.

A.L.A.G. would like to thank all those who took the time to complete the survey.

Your input is highly-valued and will be used in the completion of the strategic planning process, which is an important early step in moving towards the reality of an assisted living facility in the district.

The group also extends its appreciation to the many volunteers who worked on creating and distributing the survey, as well as the district businesses that supported these efforts by allowing their sites to be distribution and pick-up points.

Gratitude also is extended to the various service agencies that provided support in the form of leadership, donations, and time. This strong support from different parts of the community has been instrumental in the progress made to date.

The Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (S.A.L.T.) team began this project to support seniors in developing skills that would enhance their ability to be volunteers in the community.

The project will support seniors in advocating for what they need in order to achieve a healthy, vibrant lifestyle and give them avenues to create change.

A.L.A.G., a part of S.A.L.T., is working towards creating a strategic plan for assisted living in Rainy River District.

The survey was one of the methods chosen by A.L.A.G. to gain information to be used in a strategic planning session to take place this fall.

A previous community planning workshop was held March 26, which provided the information needed to determine the questions for the survey.

Information garnered from this meeting also will be used in the upcoming strategic planning workshop.

In conclusion, A.L.A.G. would like to emphasize that this survey, distributed throughout Rainy River District, provided a gratifying substantial response.

The group is planning for an assisted living facility that would belong to the district and not a single community.

This premise is foremost in the planning process. District-wide input is invited and encouraged.

For more information or to provide input, contact Armit (274-8515) or Robert Schulz (274-6435).

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