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Golden Age Manor

(Emo) Inc.


The Golden Age Manor (Emo) Inc. is seeking VENDORS to provide

the labour, material, supervision and equipment necessary for

services, for a two year period (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2022).

Successful applicants will form part of the Golden Age Manor (Emo)


The VENDOR OF RECORD will be used for specifi c contractual

agreements for service and/or as the basis for inviting bids for

specifi c jobs required by the Golden Age Manor (Emo) Inc., without

further competition for the two year period described above.

In order to qualify, you must complete an Application for Vendor of

Record, submit proof of Liability Insurance and provide a current

clearance certifi cate from the Worker’s Safety Insurance Board of


VENDORS are required for the following services:

- Electrical - Plumbing - Heating

- Carpentry - Painting - Landscaping

- Appliance Repair - Flooring - Roofi ng

- Window/Exterior Cleaning - Security

The Application for Vendor of Record may be obtained by

attending the Golden Age Manor Offi ce, 182 Front Street, Emo,

(Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday) or by email to

Questions relating to the application can be directed to

Joyous Bragg, Property Manager at 807-482-2679.

Documentation must be submitted by June 26, 2020.