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Pumpkins: not just for jack-o-lanterns


Don’t you just love the autumn harvest? The feeling of a crisp breeze in the air, the sound and sight of rustling leaves in a rainbow of colours, and a plentiful array of gourds, squash, and pumpkins available at the produce counter.

Pumpkins are obviously one of the more popular harvests this time of the year. Walking through suburban neighborhoods on Halloween night and gazing at all the eerily lit creations sitting in windows and on front porches can make one hungry – well, at least for me!

Pandemic cooking help with Chef Dez

These are definitely trying times for everyone. The start of this pandemic produced epic shortages of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Then with the onslaught of people staying at home, the shortages expanded to include staples originally destined for our kitchen pantries, like flour, yeast, baking powder, and sugar. No one could have seen this coming, and no one knows what’s on the horizon as autumn, and the threat of a second wave, falls upon us.

On Cooking: Chef Dez adds zest to dishes with citrus peel


There are obviously many benefits gained from using the freshest of ingredients possible when cooking and using the zest from citrus fruits is no exception.

Whether you are using limes, lemons, oranges, or grapefruit, the zest from these fruits will not only add an abundance of flavor as an ingredient, but also create a decorative garnish if you choose.

I will always remember eating peeled oranges as a child, and they still had large pieces of the white part of the peel attached to them and tasted very bitter. This is normal.

LOWWSF remembers John Turner, a champion and great friend of Lake of the Woods.

Former Prime Minister and LOWWSF- mentor leaves a legacy of international cooperation to protect Lake of the Woods water quality.

The Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation (LOWWSF) and its Directors mourn the loss of the Right Honourable John Napier Turner PC CC QC, former Prime Minister of Canada and LOWWSF supporter and mentor.

Chef Dez on cooking – A crash course in sauce making

Today’s marketplace is saturated with almost every type of bottled, enveloped or canned sauce imaginable. Homemade sauces, in many households, have taken a “back-seat” to the readymade and quick varieties that seem to fit into our hectic lifestyles. When we think of making sauces from scratch, many people conjure up the image of a thick gelatinous mass from one of our worst school cafeteria nightmares. However, sauces from scratch don’t have to be difficult, and can easily be the best part of a dish.

MP Powlowski weighs in on challenge trials

COVID-19 has rapidly spread globally with over 20 million confirmed cases and over 750,000 deaths. It is widely accepted that control of the pandemic will not be possible until we have access to a vaccine, the development of which – as we are all too aware – will take time. But what if there was a way to potentially speed this process up?

Enter the great challenge trial debate.

CHEF DEZ ON COOKING – Creating more flavour when preparing meat


For many of us, meat is an important part of our daily diet. Whether it be beef, lamb, pork or chicken, it is important to know the basics of creating the most flavour possible.
Marinades seem to be first and foremost in people’s minds when it comes to creating flavour in cooked meats. Although they do create flavour, they are also important in making a cut of meat more tender.

China End

Our last morning. It is rainy and windy. A perfect day to pack and head for the airport. We have just figured out most of the electronics in this hotel room. You need your electronic pass card for everything from opening the drapes to getting the elevator to stop at your floor. If you pull it from the port before opening the exit door, suddenly the lights go off, the drapes close and you are left stumbling around in total darkness… sort of like your honeymoon night.

China Day 12

Today was a full day in Shanghai. It is a city of contrasts. It is the financial hub of China and is quickly becoming the financial hub of all of Asia. As well it is the hi-tech capital of China and Asia. So we started off our day by visiting one of the oldest industries in China… the Silk industry.

For over 5000 years the Chinese have been cultivating silk worms and spinning one of the finest textiles in the world. Silk... real silk that is, will never be cheap as it is a very intensive production process explained our tour guide.