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Rules from a manly perspective

My in-box gets pretty cluttered with junk, but here is a real bit of gold I may try to live by . . . if the “Pearl” will let me.

At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down. Finally, the guys’ side of the story. . . .

  • • •

We always hear “the rules” from the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side (note these are all numbered “1”—on purpose):

1. Men are not mind readers (first and foremost rule).

1. Learn to work the toilet seat.

You’re a big girl. If it’s up, put it down.

SYR teams do training

From the Stewardship Youth Rangers

Hello again from the Ministry of Natural Resources’ Stewardship Youth Ranger teams in Fort Frances!

We started our second week with training to ensure we stay safe while working out in the field.

We learned best practices to follow when encountering a black bear and adverse weather conditions.

We reviewed the items in our first aid kits and gear we will take on our overnight canoe trip later this summer.

Devlin slo-pitch tourney slated this weekend

By Robin McCormick Devlin correspondent

The annual Devlin slo-pitch tournament takes place this weekend (July 16-19).

Canteens will be open Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

Come out and enjoy some good games and socializing.

  • • •

There will be a country jam this Friday July 17 at the Emo Legion.

  • • •

The Nevin Bonot Memorial Golf Tournament takes place July 25 at Kitchen Creek.

Ticks on the prowl

It’s an expression. Normally it means “perfect, very well, couldn’t be better” or some similar genre—even in Rainy River, where such expressions can have their own warped meaning.

The other morning, the Debating Table at the Bakery was as crowded as usual with an over-capacity crowd jostling for position as coffee refills were sloshed into waiting mugs and orders of well-buttered toast were slammed onto the table by a harried Cookie as she dealt with the usual onslaught.

Year ripe with challenges

2014 was a year ripe with challenges for our town and citizens.

It is encouraging that the year appears to be ending on a high note, with the decision to heat the kraft mill in the interests of asset protection and the production of a heart-warming video by the folks at Tim Hortons which showcases the enduring spirit of our community.

Our foothold within the forest industry was abruptly interrupted (and I stress interrupted, not ended) when, one week prior to the anniversary of 100 years of paper-making here, Resolute announced the closure of its mill facility.

Ho-Ho-Ho Holly Daze!

By Robin McCormick Devlin correspondent

“Holly Daze” is happening on Dec. 5-6 this Christmas season.

This two-day event in Emo is a kick-off to the holiday season.

There will be a parade Friday evening. Floats assemble at 5:30 p.m. at the Rec Centre; the parade starts at 6 p.m. and finishes at Donald Young School.

Hot chocolate and cookies will be served after the parade. Then, to top the event off, there will be fireworks.

Rangers end summer on high note

Submitted by the Stewardship Youth Rangers

Our last week as Stewardship Youth Rangers with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry was filled with plenty of hard work and learning!

We went to MNRF’s Aviation Forest Fire and Emergency Services’ forward attack base at Vedette Lake, where fire management technician Randy Opaski spoke to us about fire operations and career opportunities.

We also received a full briefing on safety and procedures when taking flight in a helicopter!

Maximizing those travel freebies

Nothing cranks up a senior like finding one or several bargains. This is particularly true when on a road trip.

Recently, we hauled the gene pool back over a couple thousand clicks and had our bargain-hunting antennae set to super sensitive.

The first order of business was fuelling up. Just 20 bucks the first fill as it was three cents a litre less down the road 100 miles. Ka-ching!

Next it was coffee. Order it with a muffin and you’ve got a good start on breakfast for half the price.

Submitted by the Stewardship Youth Rangers

Hello and boozhoo from the 2014 Stewardship Youth Rangers of Fort Frances District!

We are eight high school students (Hailey Beaudry, Caleigh Payne, Cameron Jolicoeur, Matt Berube, Mitchell Jones-Foy, James Gesic, Ashtyn Dokuchie, and Jenny Hammond) who are very excited to be participating in this Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry summer employment program!

We’re looking forward to learning more about natural resources in the Fort Frances area and how we can be good stewards of them—all while acquiring valuable workplace skills, training, and experience.

Beware of high water hazards

The recent high water levels have brought all kinds of interesting news.

Competing in the Emu walleye tournament, Bryan Bonot reportedly showed a predilection for switching from angling to full-immersion water sports.

No word if he plans to make the switch permanent or if he was just “testing the waters,” so to speak.

In Rainy, after fits and starts, I finally launched my pontoon boat, the “Pearl of the Rainy.” Pickle and the Runt were very happy to see it floating peacefully in its slip as they both had a hankering to go out and match wits with the wily walleye.