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Septic Systems: Prevention is your best strategy to prevent tragedy

By Kelli Saunders

Special to the Times

As part of our Ask An Expert Webinar Series, we heard from Rob Davis of EcoEthic Inc. last week on how septic systems work, how to watch for signs of failure, a few myths and lots of great tips for preventing bigger problems before they happen. I was so impressed with the information, I thought it was important to share it, because I know there are a lot of septic system owners out there and these systems don’t always come with a user manual.

It's all Greek for these lamb burgers

Outdoor cooking is one of the best ways to embrace and celebrate the warmer temperatures now upon us. Greek cuisine is one of my all-time favourites, and this personal recipe of mine for Greek Burgers is sure to be a hit at your next backyard cookout. Feel free to replace the lamb with beef, if you’re not a lamb lover – but I personally love the flavour of lamb in this recipe. Fresh herbs are a must – this is not a recipe for utilizing your spice rack.

Happy cooking!


Greek Lamb Burgers


500g lean ground lamb (or lean ground beef)

1 large egg

Every home cook’s answer to simple “Fall Off the Bone” ribs

A frequent statement used to describe perfectly cooked ribs (pork or beef) is that they are so tender they “fall off the bone”. The other day I was reminded about the way I used to incorrectly cook pork ribs when I was a very young adult and thought it would be interesting to examine a more successful cooking technique.

There are many ways to achieve mouthwatering, tender ribs, but I will share with you my favourite easy technique for today’s average home chef.

China day 5&6

China Day 5

We were ready for the 5 a.m. wakeup and standing at the restaurant door eager for brekkie before setting out for our morning flight to Wuhan from Xian. We bid our Xian guide Ruth farewell and headed for check in.

Fresh ingredients in Greek cooking

Of my cooking classes, Greek are the most popular by far and this stems from my own passion for the flavours of Greece. Almost everyone I talk to loves Greek food and has frequented their local Greek Restaurants in the past many times. People are always quick to mention their favourite ones and the best dishes that are served there.

China Day 4- Xi'an

China Day 4- Xi'an

The morning of another day. It was a short night. Brekkie down and we are ready to roll. A new bus driver and a new guide for the local sites. Her name is Ruth and she looks about eight, but is 35. She doesn't have the nerves of steel our permanent guide Tina has, as she winced every time we have a near smash up. Tina takes the back of the group like a piece of sticky rice or a mother hen keeping us all together.