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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Not feeling festive yet

I was thinking how I wasn’t feeling much like getting into the Christmas spirit—and was blaming it on finances, job security, and all the challenges of life when, in fact, I think it might just be the weather!

The little bit of frost we had in our yards has disappeared over these past few days, so out will come the “red rim radials” (rubber boots) and the messy dog tracks in and out of the house.

Plowing seems to be done for the season

Well, even though I’m not quite done plowing, I just might be the way things looked and felt earlier this week!

I don’t think I’m brave enough to pack myself onto the tractor. I have about a day’s worth of seed to clean, so I think that is what I’ll tackle.

My final report also is far from finished, so I’m not lacking anything to do, for sure.

The mice have been steadily moving in so I’ve been tackling them, too. I was thinking of bringing “Roxee” along to help, but now worry about doing that with all the bait I have put out.

Too few days to finish work

Hard to believe November is very much upon us.

This tends to send me into panic mode. The Emo Agricultural Research Station (EARS) is supposed to be completed by Dec. 1 but I’m just not sure if November has enough days for me this year!

I’ve been able to get back out plowing and, despite the cold days on the tractor, it is going very nicely. But I’m afraid the weather is going to get the best of me this week, though (if the forecasts are correct).

Final cattle sale went well

Well, our final cattle sale for 2012 is behind us. We sold nearly 900 animals on Saturday totalling nearly $700,000.

Things went well for this sale, and I think both the sellers and buyers were pleased.

The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association would like to thank everyone who supported our sales barn in one way, shape, or form. We certainly appreciate everyone.

And a big thank you to Philip Krahn on his first year as our sales barn manager. This is a tough job with many long, hard hours.

Saying good-bye to ‘Daisee’

I’m sure that I’ve probably written before about the fall being a hard time on my animals.

It seems if something is going to die, it will happen now.

Turns out that my favourite old cow (“Daisee”) has congestive heart failure and we will have to put here to sleep. I’m hoping my boyfriend/partner and my dad will take care of that while I’m at work because I don’t want to be around.

Thankful for plenty

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend and really did take the time to think of all that we have to be thankful for!

I am thankful for my family (most of them), friends, and the good food we had over the weekend, but I’m also thankful for this great community we live in!

I am fortunate to not only work in agriculture, but also have a farm to go home to every night. I am pleased I can market my cattle right here in the district–by making use of the Stratton sales barn and the Rainy River Regional Abattoir—and my neighbours who have purchased cattle from me.

Internet cattle sale was exciting

We sold 1,735 animals at the Stratton sales barn this past Saturday. It was a long sale and unfortunately we had a few mishaps.

Speedy recovery wishes to Kylie Nordin, Angel Nixon, and Alisha Caul.

The Internet sale was quite exciting and we sold cattle online! Of course, we appreciate all our buyers but it added some excitement to the sale, as well.

This was a pilot project sponsored by the OCA and the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association was lucky to have been chosen to run this service at our site.

Cattle sale week always a big deal

Well, it’s cattle sale week, which always was a big deal for us.

Tensions built because you never knew how well the cows would co-operate since they are suspicious of why all of a sudden you want them in the barnyard after a summer of grazing.

The old cows know you will be taking their baby away since they have been down this path before!

As a kid, the cattle sale was on a Monday and I often was given the day off school! That was exciting for me.

And as a young girl, I would dream of working there one day (that particular dream came true!)

Feeling a little overwhelmed

We certainly shouldn’t be complaining about this beautiful fall weather but many of us are wishing we would get some rain!

My biggest complaint (besides the rain) is the fact it is dark by 8 p.m. now. This limits my daylight hours after work and my precious farming time.

I still have jobs on my list that I was hoping would be done by now. I have been dealing with some things that were not on my list unfortunately.

I was rear-ended a couple of weeks ago after dropping off the lambs at the abattoir. So since them I have been trying to deal with all that.

Cattle tour was great

It’s funny how things go but the coldest day we’ve had since March happened to coincide with our fall cattle tour!

It didn’t deter anyone, though, and the day was absolutely great! And the feedback we received was very positive!

It certainly was a long day–we left the Emo Agricultural Research Station on Saturday at 8 a.m. and I didn’t drop Nanny off until 9 p.m.!

Even the kids who were a part of the tour the entire day never complained once!