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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Calving season has begun

I’ve officially started calving!

My first baby arrived early Sunday morning, with my only complaint being that it was a slow birth.

I had seen the water bag at 1:30 a.m., which normally means a calf should be coming soon. And since my barn camera is not working, I made trips back to the barn about every half-hour.

Finally, at 4:45 a.m., the cow gave three or four pushes and out came a nice little heifer!

This was the cow that I had rescued on her back a couple of weeks ago and it is her second calf, so calving this early is great.

Always something to worry about

It certainly is a welcome relief to have some milder temperatures returning to our district, though it does still sound like we could have a couple of cold nights later in the week.

It seems Mother Nature has to throw us a few cool ones so that we stay on our toes.

I moved my cows home and I likely should see a few calves beginning next week. It’s nice to see them all at home now but since I tend to worry about things, I’m concerned about the heavy pregnant cows resting in the deeper snow in the yard, it melting, and then them unable to get up.

Last Thursday was my bad day

Winter certainly is showing its true colours this week!

Ugh, I don’t know if I am enjoying it too much. Everything is so cold and stiff.

However, I honestly can say it doesn’t surprise me since it is a very well-known fact that the week the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association holds its annual meeting is usually the coldest of the entire winter.

Lo and behold, our meeting is Thursday night of this week!

Lots of slush means poor ice conditions

Last week’s rain certainly knocked the snow down in a hurry and I was shocked at how much water was lying under the snow.

The cows were happy because they didn’t have to make the long walk home to get a drink.

On the trapline, though, the rain deepened the slush, which means my travelling across the ice will be out for a while (I don’t enjoy slush at all).

To me, it seems like there is nothing solid below.

Trapping has been very slow, as well. But we have heard they are having a remarkable year further north near Red Lake and surrounding areas.

No rush to take down Christmas decorations

Well, Happy New Year to everyone! I’m so happy that we already can see a difference in our daylight hours!

Monday was Ukrainian Christmas and I still have all my decorations and tree up mainly for my Grandma Bliss. Personally, I’m never in a hurry to take my tree down and it hasn’t even been shedding needles all that bad.

It probably is happy to have access to more water inside than it did all summer outside.

I likely will tackle some of my Christmas decorations and outside lights this week, but I’m going to enjoy them as long as I can.

Here are my New Year’s wishes

Well, 2012 has come and gone!

Alas, the years do pass by much quicker now, which I know is a sign of aging.

I’m not really a New Year’s resolution person but as I waited for my tractor to warm up Monday morning, I was thinking about a few wishes that I have!

I wish that my cows have enough hay to get us through this year, I wish that we don’t experience sore feet again, and I wish that we have adequate moisture so that I am not stressing about hay next year at this time!

Be sure to hug your family

I’m sure the Christmas travelling, visiting, and eating has begun for many of us!

My boyfriend/partner was calling it the “12 days of Christmas” since we had started so early this year.

I think we all have very little to complain about when you think of the tragedy that is all too fresh in our minds regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

It still makes the hair stand up on the back or my neck.

Still no sign of my heifer

Well, no luck yet in finding our missing heifer.

We have continued our search, but still no birds or bones. Strange.

Poor Maddie and Marlee definitely are getting a real taste of farming—good and bad. The worst part is not knowing what happened.

  • • •

I spent most of last week in Peterborough at an Ontario Cattlemen’s Association meeting, which saw mostly positive information being passed along.

In fact, there are people predicting good cattle prices for a few more years yet so this keeps up the positive optimism.

Research report completed

Well, it was pretty much down to the wire but I finished my research report before the Nov. 30 deadline.

I have to admit I was getting tired of sitting at the computer, and likely should have added a few things to some of the reports.

This way, you will have to contact me with questions!

I still have a few things to tidy up at the Emo Agricultural Research Station, but after that I’m a full-time farmer again.

Putting up Christmas lights takes some time

It looks as though winter is here!

I was hoping the snow would get me more into the Christmas spirit! I started putting up my outside lights but ended up getting very little done.

It takes me a week to get it all dialed in, so it looks like I’ll be working evenings this week if I want to have my yard all lit up by Dec. 1.

I also have a couple of new ideas for this year so I’m hoping I have enough extension cords!