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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Dog has a new home

Last week at this time, I had a visiting dog (I didn’t mention it in my column last week because I was hoping it would find its way back to its owner).

I was quite suspicious that it had been dropped off but I wasn’t certain. In the meantime, I thought I would try to ignore it and see if it would make its way back home.

Alas, it didn’t. She would come into the yard, play with “Roxee” a bit, and then make her way back to the end of the driveway, where she made herself a cozy place to sleep in hopes her owner would return.

December sure feeling more like spring

Talk about crazy weather. It was Dec. 15 on Monday yet it looked like April.

It is very wet, slippery, and messy, and personally I’d prefer it a bit cooler and less damp. I know it seems like we are never happy but this is crazy.

My almost step-kid is counting down the days until he gets home for the Christmas break, but he also is counting on riding his brand new snowmachine that is waiting for him.

I know things can change quickly, too.

Ag station records lowest-ever yields

The Emo Agricultural Research Station will be closing for the season this week.

I finally finished all my data and took it off to be copied. The reports will be available from me or Emo Feed this week.

I encourage everyone to ask questions about the trials since time always is a factor. And there is more information that I feel should be included in the report but I just don’t have the time to input it all.

Not only was 2014 tied for the coldest year and the record wettest year, but we have never seen such low yields, as well.

Still finishing up work at station

Most years I’m finished at the Emo Agricultural Research Station by Dec. 1, but that isn’t the case this year as I still have to finish my forage data.

I think the fact that the building is not overly warm will make me work harder to complete it!

I debated just taking the computer home and finishing everything there, but I’m afraid I’ll be too easily distracted with my own list. So I just will dress warm and work hard (and fast!)

Once the data is finished, then I will move on to working on the partnerships, contracts, and plans for our next season.

Deadline for data looming

Here we are in the last week of November!

I’m supposed to have all my data finished by Friday. I’m not sure that I am going to make the deadline but I will try my best.

We still haven’t finished cleaning seed. We can see the end but it’s not over yet.

My help’s contract was finished last Friday but I’m still hoping they might give me a few more days with her.

Not a good start to my week

Last week turned into quite a busy week and already this one isn’t looking much better!

I still haven’t been able to figure how we have arrived at the middle of November!

I was thinking that I would only have good things to report this week but I woke up Monday morning to a dead calf.

One of the calves that we just recently weaned was over on his back—dead.

Not really how I planned to start off my morning, my week or my Moos. Frustrating, but dead is dead.

Quick change from fall to winter

It seems as though we have transitioned from fall to winter just like that!

These cold nights certainly have tightened things up.

I think my plowing days may have come to a complete halt. I’m happy that I have the better areas of the Emo Agricultural Research Station completed but I likely needed another day or day-and-a-half to complete all that I wanted.

Alas, this is not the only job I haven’t completed but this is the type of year we have experienced.

Hard to believe it’s November already

Wow, here we are–November! This year certainly has slipped past (I think it’s because we always were waiting for better weather!)

It was nice that Hallowe’en came and went with decent weather for the trick-or-treaters! Unfortunately, poor Marlee ended up missing all the Hallowe’en fun and spent the day in the hospital on I.V.

It sounds like she’s slowly improving but she was hit hard with a nasty bug.

I found it quite sweet that her friends all shared their treats, and one little sweet boy brought her over some chicken noodle soup.

More great cattle prices

Our final cattle sale of 2014 is now behind us.

We sold 1,177 head on Saturday at the Stratton sales barn for a total of $1,613,231.21. Again we saw some great prices and cattle.

And we certainly couldn’t have asked for better weather!

Thanks to everyone for the support we have seem this past year—from our workers to cattle producers, cattle buyers, and, of course, the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association board.

Soybean yields lowest ever

The weather certainly has improved for many of the fall jobs district farmers are trying to complete.

At the Emo Agricultural Research Station, we finally finished combining. Unfortunately, the soybeans were the lowest yields I’ve ever seen at EARS and the seed was small and varied in size.

It also still was quite soft so we immediately put it in our drying oven. We won’t tackle cleaning them until all our cereal trials are complete.

We hope to do some corn yields this week.