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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Weather causing woes

I’m really starting to think that I might need to make a career change.

As much as I am passionate and in love with agriculture, our latest weather is enough to make me go crazy!

My cows are miserable and the sheep just despise walking in mud. My horse looks like he was in a mud run while “Roxee” (the black lab) would rather sleep than go anywhere outside.

I have my cattle on a hill and you would never even know it. And there is no sense in trying to put dry bedding down since they’ll have that tramped into the ground in minutes.

Weather puts brakes on planting

Well, we certainly were spoiled with good weather and now reality has set in.

Cold and wet has arrived. And despite needing the rain, it would have been more appreciated if temperatures would have stayed decent.

We do have most of our plots in at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. We would have worked on soybeans this week but it’s sounding like we won’t be doing much field work in the days ahead.

We are waiting for the arrival of our new tractors, and the students are anxious to start cutting the grass riding a shiny new green tractor!

Early start to planting season

Wow–what a great week in terms of the weather!

We certainly have had a great start on planting here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. We are holding off planting soybeans until next week but we have been busy with everything else.

Of course, we still are waiting on seeds and protocols, but we quickly can pop them into the ground as they come in.

Many farmers have completed their spring seeding while others have had a great start!

It’s nice that we are getting this early start after such a miserable year in 2014.

Be patient on the roads

The weather is looking good for this week so I’m expecting you will see many farmers rushing around with planting and spreading fertilizer.

Be patient on the roads as moving this equipment around from field to field often is slow-going.

Take your time and enjoy the scenery for those few minutes.

Seeding down new crops on a farm is necessary to keep your land productive. And depending on what you are planting, it is safe to say this will cost around $300 per acre.

This is an expensive time of the year for farmers.

Great weather for ‘Spring Fever Days’

Well, it seems Mother Nature decided to remind us not to get too excited about spring.

But it was great that she gave us such wonderful weather for “Spring Fever Days” in Emo!

It’s been a long time since we had three beautiful days like that for this event. The wind was a little wild but other than that, it couldn’t have been much better.

“Spring Fever Days” often lands on the same weekend as our spring cattle sale, but that wasn’t the case this year. Since we had a barn full of new lambs, we decided we should take a few out and share them with people on Saturday.

Lamb triplets welcomed

Well, lambing started with a set of triplets!

All three were females so we are continuing on with increasing the female population at our farm.

I still find them amazing little creatures–they slide out of their mommas like a wet washcloth but within a few seconds they are shaking their little heads and trying to stand up!

The momma’s little tongue just looks like a humming bird’s wings as she is busy licking up her new family.

  • • •

We finally were able to make arrangements for Marlee to pick out her new rabbit over the weekend!

‘Brownee’ popular at Easter market

I’m hoping you all enjoyed a great Easter weekend—and that the Easter Bunny found his way to your house!

Our own Easter Bunny (“Brownee”) made his way to the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market in Fort Frances on Saturday for a picture-taking session with MA Photography and a bunch of cute kids.

It was great to see the market bustling with lots of shoppers preparing for Easter.

“Brownee,” meanwhile, was a good sport and sat for most of the pictures in a basket that he over-filled. Near the end of the session, he was happier just sitting with the kids on the bale of straw.

EARS opened for season

Hard to believe we are already at the end of March!

Time certainly does fly by, and with the weather being rather decent, it certainly has everyone thinking about spring and all the jobs that go along with that.

I opened up the Emo Ag Research Station (EARS) today, am putting in two days and then off for Good Friday!

It’s nice to ease myself back into working every day. The challenge for the next couple of months is scheduling my time to get chores taken care of as well.

Ag station job starting again

This is my last week as a full-time farmer, so I have a long list of things that I would like to accomplish.

I’m mostly looking forward to having a pay cheque once again but I do dread the rush—rush that seems to happen when you are working, farming, and just experiencing life.

I have been tackling some spring cleaning and de-cluttering, and I tell you that is a great feeling! I have been targeting two rooms a day and finally I’m down to just the kitchen, living room, and basement.

Afraid of a nasty reminder of winter

It’s hard to believe that last year at this time, we still were experiencing minus-40 C conditions.

However, I’m nervous about feeling too excited about spring. I’m afraid we could get a nasty reminder of winter from Mother Nature.

If you’ve been listening to news reports, the poor people of the Maritimes got hit very hard once again with a big snowstorm over the weekend.