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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd

Dry, cool days better than being too wet

Many are talking about needing a nice warm rain and how our mornings are still cool.

Both are likely true, but I will take dry, cool days over wet anytime. It will happen—it always does.

It is looking like tomorrow we will see some rain and the grass will grow and we will be wearing shorts and showing off our white skin in no time at all.

The work you can accomplish right now without the moisture outweighs the other. We are slowly progressing here at EARS with a fair bit planted—but we still have a fair bit to go.

Weather has stayed pleasant

I think we all will agree our weather has been very pleasant lately.

Everyone is rushing around with their gardens and lawns, and, of course, you will see the farmers getting out on their land by spreading fertilizer, doing fencing, and getting some seed in the ground.

It is a very busy time of the year and sometimes it can be a bit stressful as we tend to rush around here worrying that our good weather will end. We all have been on the side of missing the window of a few good days and then it ends in a month of rain.

A raven enjoyed my Easter treats

Here is hoping everyone enjoyed Easter weekend. The weather was decent for the most part and it was a great time to get outside!

We tackled vaccinating all our cows, calves, and yearlings. Although it was a slow task (with slow-moving cattle), it was a job well-done!

I had a few cows that were spending some time scratching on the gate but my boyfriend/partner made that gate electric, so the butt-scratching is over now.

Meanwhile, the lambs have started to arrive and we spent a good part of Saturday hosting people who wanted to come and enjoy their cuteness.

Sales barn training day went well

Our sales barn training day on Saturday seemed to be a big success. We had a great bunch of people show up and the weather was great!

A big thank you to Aaron and Murray for bringing cattle to the barn and Melissa for bringing down her two horses. We were able to run through the entire process and so far all reports have been that everyone enjoyed it!

We ended our day with a pizza, pop, and some sweets that my mom and Susan provided—and we are ready to take on our first sale on April 22.

Thankful to have supportive Dad

We celebrate my dad's birthday on April 3 every year but this year he was turning 70!

He did not want a big celebration but we did end up going out for a pizza Sunday afternoon. He was in his glory since the restaurant sold Nevada tickets and he won $100.

It was a perfect celebration for him.

When I think about my dad being 70, I barely can believe it! Though my dad has had plenty of health issues and scares, when he is feeling good, he works like a 40-year-old.

Spring definitely in the air these days

The longer daylight hours and the sun shining certainly makes us all feel good!

I really love the cooler nights and sunny days-it makes for a bit less mud in the yard. Mind you, my dad hauled in some hay for me the other day and it created a “soupy mess.”

Luckily, “Roxee” is such a princess that she doesn't really like getting dirty so she does her best to walk around anything too wet.

I'm back to work at EARS

Monday was the first day for 2017 at the Emo Agricultural Research Station (my time off always goes so quickly).

I had plans to get caught up on the stack of farm magazines that I subscribe to. That didn't happen, though at least I can shut the door of the desk I store them in.

I will try hard to continue leafing through them as they often lead me into a direction of a trial that we might like to see done at EARS.

We pretty much have a clean slate since the place was worked up last fall. It almost intimidates me (I think it is because I am getting old).

Temperature swings hard on calves

I'm sure you all will know how I feel about the wet weather we were experiencing Monday. We sure don't need the rain.

I was really hoping we would miss it.

The temperature was mild enough but it sounds like we are in for a cold snap—and rather quickly, too.

These fluctuations are what worry me with young calves. I have treated a few for scours and fortunately they seem to be responding well to the treatment, so that makes things a bit less stressful.

Time certainly ticks away

Well, February is now a wrap. Time certainly ticks away.

The last couple of weeks, I haven't been real sure of what day it is anyway. I'm starting to look forward to more normal sleep, though that likely won't happen for another week or so.

I've been really watching the calves closely for scours since our weather wasn't the greatest for young calves last week (it takes a few days to see the effects).

It can be a very frustrating to work hard getting them on the ground, only to end up with a bunch of sick calves.

Mild weather only a dress rehearsal

I had a busy week of calves (on the top day I had seven arrive). That happened to correspond with Canada Agriculture Day, which I celebrated by bringing more beef into the world.

I guess it was good that it was warm since I had to recycle them through the barn rather quickly. But it isn't easy keeping them dry on a day like that.

I only have two heifers (first-year calvers) left, though they can be a bit more of a worry since it is their first time.

Most of the calves have been lower birth weights but that is OK-they can grow now instead.