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Kim Jo Bliss - Moo's From The Herd


You may have noticed that many farmers are busy trying to make hay now. If the weather would stay stable, it sure would make things nice. We finished taking the plot yields on all our forage trials last week but didn’t get it all cut with the bigger equipment because we had nearly 1/2” of rain Thursday night. I decided to come in on Saturday to get it all cut. It is best if we keep it cut close to our plot harvest date otherwise you start to get re-growth and it messes things up for the next harvest. We are hoping to get it baled now before the thunderstorms hit us!

Hay cutting delayed by weather

So, the plan was to start cutting hay at EARS last week and then the weather changed. The plan is on for this week. It doesn’t take us all that long to cut our research portion of the forages, but we still must clean off the rest of it. I debate every cutting whether we should just chop and dump or try and bale it up. We just need a few good days here to make it all happen, but I am close to starting at home as well. I hope the system of rain every few days leaves so we can all get this task off our lists. There are some great fields out there and some not so great.

Hay to cut, weeds to pick, heifers to clip

And just like that, it is the middle of June! We were planning to start our first cut of hay at EARS this week. We will see how that all plays out. With all the rain last week we were out of our plots until Friday, so other things have slipped behind. The windy days make it very challenging to spray our plots. We don’t have much more to do but there are some weeds that need to go – i.e. Canada Thistle! We are working on getting our plots trimmed up and signs out. Slowly things are falling into place. I guess there were some rumblings that I didn’t plant corn at EARS.


It was a busy weekend for our little farm! Saturday morning, we were up and at-er to haul cows to my grandma’s farm. We hauled all the cows and saved the calves for the last load. It went well.

Local food is gaining popularity

June 1st has arrived and today is my boyfriends / partners 60th birthday! We are not planning a big party and it is a good thing since we are still not allowed more than five people to gather! He is pretty busy with his garage so maybe once it is finished, we can celebrate his birthday and retirement all together.

Cows looking forward to being back on grass

Another great weekend in Rainy River District. We had a small shower of rain that didn’t even record in the rain gauge. But that is ok. June can be a wet month, so we must be careful what we wish for. I have not really got over last falls extreme wetness that didn’t want to end. Trust me, there is still ground moisture, but a nice easy shower would be great for pasture, hay and gardens.

Emo Research Station up and running

Today is my first day with my 2020 helper!

Katie Hay is my right-hand helper for this summer at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. I am looking forward to working with her. She told me that she is excited to learn so that just made my day!

We should be able to get some seed in the ground yet today, but we will be wearing some warm clothes to do it.


How about this weather!?! Amazing morning. A bit of rain and you can instantly see the green grass. Just like that I felt like I was feeling calm and relaxed and BOOM - I need to be in three places at once. I am so happy for the producers that are out on their land either preparing to seed or seeding. This is a much-deserved spring for them. My student doesn't start at EARS until Monday, but I am hoping I can have things prepared for a busy week for her and I. We are cut back enough that I don't have the same overwhelmed feeling as some springs.