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Jeff Gustafson - Livewell

Big water boating

While we have big water here in northwestern Ontario, we’re lucky that we can usually always still find a place to fish, regardless of the wind direction or how hard it’s blowing. On most of our larger lakes like Lake of the Woods, Rainy Lake and Wabigoon, there are some big stretches, but for the most part we can usually hide out and get out to do some fishing.

Good reports from musky opener

Amongst my fishing friends, most are just happy to get out there and catch a few fish regardless of the species. But most have a species of fish that they enjoy chasing the most, that they put most of their efforts towards. In addition to the efforts and time on the water, these anglers will spend most of their money and shopping time gearing up for said species as well.

Bassmaster season resumes

The Bassmaster Elite Series season resumed last week down at Lake Eufaula, Alabama. With some help from the folks at Bassmaster and US Customs and Border Protection, I and the Johnston brothers from Peterborough were granted permission to travel to the United States last week to compete in the event.

Father’s Day is coming up soon

Typically if I write this column about a holiday or a special event I usually do it the week of said event but this week everybody is getting a few Father’s Day gift ideas in advance of next week’s big day. If you are stuck not knowing what to get Dad and he enjoys the outdoors I have a few ideas for you.

Jeff Gustafson answers: what is the best lure ever?

Magazines often have feature stories wondering “what is the best lure of all time” and then run down the list including the Daredevil, Rapala Floating Minnow, Mepps Spinner and the jig. These are all legendary lures that have been responsible for many memorable catches for a lot of anglers. All deserve a spot in the tackle box.

As someone who fishes as much as I do, not only for bass but for a variety of species there is no one lure that fits every situation.

Spring fishing heats up

It took longer than most of us expected for the ice to leave area lakes this spring but we have pretty well caught back up with how much the water has warmed over the past week and a half. A stretch of warm days and nights raised the water temperatures significantly and has seemingly helped the fishing for most species of fish.

Picking the best bait for opening walleye weekend

One of the busiest weekends of the fishing season in Northwest Ontario is going to look a little bit different this year. The walleye season opens on Saturday across the region and typically it is a weekend filled with fishing, friends and family for many of us. Thankfully we can still go fishing this weekend but we might not be able to fish with those who we traditionally do.

COVID-19 virus forces tournament cancellations

Over the past week, those of us who enjoy competing in Sunset Country fishing tournaments took another blow from the Covid-19 virus when most of our summertime events were cancelled for 2020.

The Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship and Kenora Bass International, the two premier tournaments of the region, both announced that they were cancelling their respective events this year. Both require significant local sponsorship and volunteers to function and they both attract large numbers of anglers from out of the region to compete.

Shed antler hunting throughout Sunset country

When it comes to outdoor activities we have available across Northwest Ontario we really are fortunate. When I talk hunting with my friends in the U.S. it quickly becomes apparent that if you don't own or have permission to a bunch land to hunt, it's tough to find a place to go. With all of our “Crown land”, we have plenty of real estate available to go hunting, hiking or shed hunting - the act of going on a hike in the woods to search for dropped antlers from deer or moose.