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Sheryl Ubelacker

Scientists on trail of superbug gene

TORONTO—The discovery that a gene which turns some bacteria into antibiotic-resistant superbugs has been in Canada for at least five years has scientists wondering when it first emerged and how to stop its spread.

The MCR-1 gene makes E. coli and some other species of bacteria resistant to colistin—an antibiotic considered the drug of last resort for some diseases.

Booze still drug of choice for Ontario teens

TORONTO—Alcohol remains the most popular drug of choice among Ontario youth, according to the most recent biennial survey of Grade 7-12 students by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Almost 46 percent of the 10,426 respondents from across the province reported having imbibed in the past year, said Robert Mann, a senior scientist at CAMH who co-authored yesterday’s report.