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Sarah Pruys

Icy plunge

FFHS Travel Club students Mason Whatley and Jenny Hammond plunged into the icy waters of Rainy Lake on New Year’s Day to help raise money for their spring trip to Italy. Fellow students Shawn Brady and Jonah Cawston, along with teacher Owen Johnston, were right behind them. The Voyageur Lions Club’s annual “Polar Plunge” saw 25 jumpers raise $6,581 in all.

Winter scene

It was minus-15 C on Friday, the warmest temperature Borderland had seen all week, but it came with a lot of snow as a winter storm blew through the area, bringing upwards of 15 cm (six inches) by the time it was all over. The mercury then plunged again this week, with “warmer” weather not expected until this weekend.

More shovelling

Local senior Lily Pearson was out early this morning shovelling snow along Third Street East—something she’ll likely have to do more than once as a winter storm is forecast to continue into this evening. Up to 15 cm (six inches) is possible when all is said and done.

Pool fun

Despite a winter storm raging outside, Rachael McEvoy, 11, and Crystal McEvoy were the only ones in the pool this morning for a “toonie swim” at the Memorial Sports Centre. The Christmas break for students also is wrapping up fast as it’s back to school Monday morning.

Frigid dip

A group of people jumping for the Rainycrest Auxiliary during yesterday’s “Polar Plunge” bravely stayed in the water until the whole team had taken the plunge into Sand Bay behind La Place Rendez-Vous. The annual event, organized by the local Voyageur Lions Club, raised $6,581 this year. The Rainycrest Auxiliary raised $1,069, of which half went to it and the other half to the club.

District leaders review 2013, look forward

District municipal leaders took a little time last week to look back at 2013, as well as focus on upcoming topics including rural schools, mining, official town plans and bylaws, and the municipal elections that will take place in October.

“We had a good year. We certainly had some challenges around staffing but we worked through them,” said La Vallee reeve Ross Donaldson.

Sliding fun

Niko Ruppenstein, five, was all set to slide down the overpass hill on Friday afternoon. Many families spent the afternoon going up and down the hill, taking advantage of the nice weather before it turned bitterly cold.

Outdoor hockey

Jesse Jourdain, 11, stole the puck from his friend, Taylor Dixon, 19, on Friday afternoon at the Sixth Street rink. Outdoor rinks across town were filled with people skating and playing hockey on one of the nicest days December has had.

Donation stations

The presents have now been opened and the new has replaced the old.

But what to do with the old?

There are a number of organizations around the district in need of donations to redistribute to people in need, but a problem all of them seem to face is storage.