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Sam Odrowski photo

Gathering donations

“Stuff-a-Cruiser” volunteers Denise Johnson, Kirsten Armstrong, Anne-Marie Armstrong, and Amy Ruff collected non-perishable food donations outside of the Beaver Mills Market in Rainy River on Saturday. The donated items will help to support local food banks.

Helping out

Treaty Three Police Service (T3PS) acting Sgt. Dylan Simard, left, volunteer Christine Jourdain, and T3PS Const. Dylan McGinnis collected donations for “Stuff-a-Cruiser” outside of Cloverleaf Grocery in Emo on Saturday.

St. John's tea-goers

Pastor Musonda Abel Ng'andwe of St. John's Anglican Church, left, Dr. Bob Lidkea, and optometry intern Alice Chen enjoyed some hot beverages during the church's “Frozen” tea on Saturday. The church's basement was festively decorated for the event and had a great turnout of parishioners and community members.

Trimming technique

Blayne Orr carefully snipped off a couple tree branches by the Sorting Gap Marina during the community tree care workshop hosted by the Fort Frances Museum and Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry on Saturday afternoon. Attendees used a variety of tree care tools to trim and remove unwanted branches.

St. Francis mock vote

Grade 5 student Garret Hanna cast a ballot during St. Francis’ mock municipal election yesterday morning. Students heard mayoral candidates June Caul and Ken Perry answer their questions in the gym on Friday to help them make an informed decision at the “mock” voter booth.