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Rudolf K. F. Zeitlhofer

Canadian freedoms

Dear editor,

It was a surprise to read in your editorial of June 24, 2020, that Freedom of Speech does not exist for Canadians, that it is an American invention. It was a surprise because it is so manifestly untrue. This is a canard that I have heard before and it needs to be put to rest.


Dear sir:

It is not often that reading an article in the Fort Frances Times brings forth a feeling of utter astonishment yet “OSSTF, school board still at odds” (Feb. 10) managed to do just that.

I am not at all surprised that so many teachers came out to protest against the school board. What is astonishing is the reaction of the board.


Dear sir:

The actions of the Rainy River District School Board at its last meeting in Rainy River prove once again the old adage that everything old is new again.

In ancient Rome, when the city was confronted with a grave crisis that threatened its survival, all the power of the state was vested in the hands of one person—a dictator.