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Nick Perry

Monster penguin once swam oceans

WELLINGTON, New Zealand—Scientists in New Zealand said yesterday they've found fossilized bones from an extinct monster penguin that was about the size of an adult human and swam the oceans some 60 million years ago.

They said the previously undiscovered species is believed to have stood about 1.6 metres (5 feet 2 inches) tall and weighed up to 80 kilograms (176 pounds).

Penguins can't resist lure of sushi

WELLINGTON, New Zealand—Two little blue penguins just couldn't stay away from a New Zealand sushi store, returning to nest there even after police had captured them and escorted them back to the ocean.

Wellington police described them as “waddling vagrants,” while the store's co-owner joked he had no idea that word of his tasty raw fish had reached as far as the subaquatic community.

Teen had fired shot at queen

WELLINGTON, New Zealand—A troubled teenager who wanted to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II during her 1981 visit to New Zealand fired a shot near her motorcade, newly-released documents show.

New Zealand's internal spy agency, the Security Intelligence Service, released the previously-classified documents to the news website Stuff, shedding new light on the historic incident.

‘Inky’ makes escape

WELLINGTON, New Zealand—“Inky” the octopus waited until it was dark, and the staff had gone home from the National Aquarium of New Zealand, before making his move.

He squeezed and pushed his way through a tiny gap in the mesh at the top of his tank and slithered three metres to the floor.

Then he made a beeline across the room to a drain hole.