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From the MNRF

Fire scene stays quiet

The forest fire hazard remains “low” across the Northwest Region.

No new fires were reported between Monday and yesterday, and there are no active blazes anywhere in the region.

But hunters are asked to be aware that FireRangers still can be out fighting fires in bush where you’re hunting and driving down the same back roads.

Keep an eye out and think safety first.

Prescribed burn done

Fire crews wrapped up the Garden Lake prescribed burn yesterday.

The prescribed burn, which was ignited Monday, was successful, with good consumption of the old slash debris recovering productive land for new growth and habitat.

The slash piles are expected to smoulder for several days and fire personnel will monitor them.

One new fire probed

One new fire in the Northwest Region was investigated by fire personnel between Sept. 29 and Oct. 3.

Nipigon Fire #40 was located on an island about six km southwest of Longlac.

The 0.1-hectare blaze was reported by a person out kayaking and fire personnel responded.

It is now “out.”

Meanwhile, two fires remain active in the region.

Two fires still active

No new fires were reported in the Northwest Region between Tuesday and yesterday.

But two blazes remain active in the region.

Fort Frances Fire #21 is a 0.1-hectare island fire located about 70 km north of Fort Frances on Asheigama Lake.

The lightning-caused fire, which started Sept. 18, is listed as “being monitored.”

One new fire reported

One new fire was reported in the Northwest Region on Saturday.

Nipigon Fire #39 is a lightning-caused island fire located 40 km southeast of Nipigon near Fluor Island on Lake Superior.

A FireRanger crew responded to the blaze, which was listed as “being held” at last report.

The fire crew will return to the island this week to check it.

One fire now out

A fire that had been burning for several weeks on an island on Crooked Lake in Quetico Park was declared “out” on Sunday.

It was a recreation-caused blaze.

Meanwhile, a fire that started when lightning ignited a single tree Sunday still is “being monitored” at 0.1 hectares in size.

It is located on a peninsula of Asheigama Lake about 70 km north of Fort Frances.

Quiet on fire scene

No new fires were reported in the Northwest Region by yesterday afternoon.

The forest fire hazard, however, is rising to mostly “moderate” across the region, with some areas of “low.”

Forest fire activity starts to ease as cooler weather arrives and days gradually get shorter, but there can still be continued fire activity well into September.

Fire hazard on rise

There were no new fires in the Northwest Region by yesterday afternoon.

One new fire was reported in Nipigon District by Tuesday afternoon.

Nipigon Fire #37, a 0.1-hectare blaze located about 25 km east of Wabakimi Provincial Park, is now “out.”

New fire in district

One new fire was reported in the Northwest Region by the late afternoon yesterday.

Fort Frances Fire #20, located about 55 km north-northeast of Fort Frances, was listed as “not under control” at 0.2 hectares in size.

The forest fire hazard forecast is “moderate” to “high” in the southern sectors of the region, and “high” across the far north.