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Fire hazard ‘high’

The forest fire hazard across Northwestern Ontario remains “high,” with pockets of “extreme” found in the Thunder Bay and Nipigon districts.

Rain is expected later this week, but the amount of rain and where it will fall is questionable.

New fires reported on weekend

Four new fires were reported in the Northwest Region yesterday.

Three were in the Dryden District while the other one was in the Nipigon District.

One of the new fires was declared “out” by early evening.

Two other fires in Red Lake District, which had started on previous days, also were called “out” yesterday.

Two active fires in region

There are two active fires in the Northwest Region—one in Red Lake District and the other in Nipigon District.

Both were human-caused, and there are no problems anticipated with these fires.

Nipigon Fire #6, located about 20 km southeast of Nipigon, is burning along the CPR rail line in grass and some poplar trees.

Rash of grass fires

Grass fires were reported in the south and west sectors of the Northwest Region throughout the week.

Every year, residents burning grass or debris ignite wildfires. In the spring, cured grass dries quickly, ignites easily, and can spread out of control quickly.

These fires threaten people and properties, and are expensive to put out.

Four fires reported

Four fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region between Friday and late yesterday afternoon.

Three of the new fires were reported Saturday in Kenora District.

Kenora Fires #2, #3, and #4 all occurred in the First Nation community of Whitedog, and all three were human-caused.

Fire hazard ‘low’

The forest fire hazard for Northwestern Ontario remains “low,” but there has been some recent fire activity.

Yesterday afternoon, Dryden Fire Management Headquarters dispatched a FireRanger crew to another railway fire east of Vermilion Bay.

This will be Dryden District Fire #2 and the third fire for the Northwest Region so far this year.

MNR blitz nets charges

The Ministry of Natural Resources laid 70 charges and issued 150 warnings during an eight-day enforcement blitz on the Rainy River.

From April 4-14, conservation officers from Fort Frances District checked 46 residents and 314 non-residents on the Rainy River for compliance with the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and Ontario fisheries regulations.

Starting fire nets fine

A Florida man has been found guilty of starting and tending a fire without a permit.

Charles Carr of Naples was fined $500 and also ordered to pay $2,400 in suppression costs to the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Court heard that Carr was burning debris Arpil 28 on his Pellatt Township property on the south shore of Locke Bay on the Winnipeg River.

Fire threat easing

The forest fire hazard for the Northwest Region now sits comfortably at “low to moderate,” the Ministry of Natural Resources reported yesterday afternoon.

Fall weather has relative humidity levels up to almost 100 percent in parts of the region, with cloudy skies and wet weather forecast to persist into the weekend.