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Lightning sparks fire

One new was fire reported yesterday in Fort Frances District.

Located about 30 km northeast of Mine Centre, it was a single tree that ignited when struck by lightning.

It is now “out.”

Three active fires remain in the Northwest Region.

Sioux Lookout District continues to monitor these northern fires.

More fires sparked by lightning

Four new fires—all caused by lightning—were confirmed by yesterday evening in the Northwest Region.

They were located in the districts of Dryden, Kenora, Red Lake, and Sioux Lookout.

Dryden Fire #34 is a 0.6-hectare blaze listed as “not under control.”

Red Lake Fire #65 (at 0.2 ha) and Sioux Lookout Fire #59 (0.1 ha) also were not under control at last report.

One fire reported

One new fire was reported yesterday in Nipigon District.

Nipigon Fire #61 is a grass fire along the side of Highway 17 west of Nipigon.

FireRangers from Thunder Bay District responded and put out the 0.1-hectare blaze by the afternoon.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.

Meanwhile, Red Lake Fire #24 also has been declared “out.”

Staying quiet on fire scene

No new fires were reported in the Northwest Region yesterday, although two were reported Wednesday.

Nipigon District had a lightning-caused fire in the Marten Falls areas while Thunder Bay District had a tree on a power line about 25 km north of Thunder Bay.

Both blazes were declared “out” within the day at 0.1 hectares each in size.

Fire hazard drops

With more rain falling across the Northwest Region, the forest fire hazard has dropped to “low” in all districts.

The hazard may rise to “moderate” in the far north with temporary clearing of weather on the weekend.

But more rain is in the long-range forecast, so things are expected to remain quiet.

One new fire reported

Kenora District confirmed the only new fire in the region yesterday, which is Kenora Fire #38.

This is a 0.1-hectare, lightning-caused fire that will be handled quickly by FireRangers.

The final count for July 21 was nine new fires—five lightning-caused and four human-caused.

No problems were encountered with any of the new fires on Sunday.

More fires spring up

Reports of new fires still were coming in yesterday in the Northwest Region, with six confirmed by early evening.

As of press time, there are 40 active fires in the region, including two in Kenora District, 16 in Nipigon District, nine in Red Lake District, and 13 in Sioux Lookout District.

The combined area burned by these fires is 32,241.8 hectares.

Three fires reported

Three new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region yesterday.

The Kenora, Red Lake, and Nipigon districts all recorded new fires, but these were all small and manageable, with no problems anticipated.

Fire activity in Northwestern Ontario continues at a steady pace.