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the MNR

Be wary on bush roads

The Ministry of Natural Resources is warning travellers of the danger of potential washouts and flooded sections on Crown land roads in Northwestern Ontario.

Spring run-off from melting snow and significant rain may cause washouts on off-highway roads and result in road closures.

Barricades and signs will mark closures and known hazards on Crown land roads.

Hunter fined

An Ontario hunter was fined $1,500 for unlawfully shooting a cow moose.

Harvey Thain, 49, of Ear Falls, pleaded guilty to shooting a cow moose when he was licensed to only hunt a calf moose.

He was charged under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, and is prohibited from hunting in Ontario for one year.

Hunters fined for littering campsite

Three Ontario hunters have been fined a total of $1,800 for leaving building materials and litter at their moose hunt camp in a conservation reserve.

Kevin Derbyshire, 42, of Leamington, Leslie Arnew, 74, of Comber, and James Arnew, 72, of Wheatley each were fined $600 for leaving garbage at a campsite in the Lac Seul Islands Conservation Reserve, east of Ear Falls.

Trio fined over bait smuggling

Three U.S. residents have been fined after trying to smuggle live bait into Ontario through the Canada Customs entry station on Sand Point Lake in Rainy River District.

William W. Timpe, 72, of Crystal Lake, Ill., was fined $880 for bringing roughly five pounds of live leeches into Ontario for use as bait on July 11, 2008.

Hunter fined

An Atikokan resident was convicted of hunting offences and fined a total of $1,865.

Eric Zacharias, 28, was fined $1,250 for unlawfully hunting deer and $615 for unlawfully transporting deer.

Back on Dec. 13, while on patrol in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 12B near Crilly Road, conservation officers heard two shots from a high-powered rifle.