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the MNR

Students taken on fishing trip

Ministry of Natural Resources enforcement staff in Red Lake District took six Grade 5 and 6 students from Red Lake-Madsen Public School out for a day of angling.

The lucky students were chosen through a class contest in which the youths were invited to create a poster on fish habitat and write an essay about why they wanted to spend a day fishing.

Fire hazard remains ‘low’

The forest fire hazard remains “low” across the province as the result of continued cold, wet weather.

There are now about 570 Ontario fire personnel supporting the firefighting effort in British Columbia, including the 232 FireRangers, support staff and Incident Management Team members who traveled out on the weekend.

Illegal moose kill costly

A Thunder Bay man has been convicted of lying to a conservation officer and for his part in illegally killing and possessing a bull moose.

Robert Earley was fined $750 for possessing game taken illegally and $1,000 for providing false information to a conservation officer.

Fire scene stays quiet

The fire scene remains quiet in the West Fire Region.

There are still 16 active fires in the region, but they are not posing any problems.

Of those blazes, 12 are in the northern sectors of Nipigon District, two are in Red Lake District, one is in Kenora District, and one is in Fort Frances District.

No weekend fires reported

No new fires were reported in the West Fire Region over the weekend, but Sioux Lookout District was checking out a smoke report.

Although rain is in the forecast, there could be some fire activity today in advance of stormy weather with “moderate” to “high” fire hazards in the region, along with high winds.

Hunter fined $2,000

An Oshawa man has been fined $2,000 for careless hunting and lying to a Ministry of Natural Resources’ conservation officer.

Rodolfo Kovic was fined $1,500 for careless hunting and $500 for providing a false statement to a conservation officer.

He also must complete a hunter safety course before being allowed to apply for a hunting licence again.