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Some fire activity in Kenora

Kenora District has been the hot spot recently, with up to three fires having burned there in recent days.

Kenora Fire #26 was reported Friday afternoon. It was a single white pine tree ignited by a lightning strike and members of the public doused the fire.

Bad weather prevented fire personnel from attending the site on Friday.

Local man fined for fire

A Fort Frances resident has been fined $150 and has one year to pay $4,500 for the cost of putting out a forest fire he caused.

Bradley Bodnarchuk pleaded guilty to failing to extinguish a fire, contrary to the Forest Fires Prevention Act of Ontario.

Court heard that on the evening of July 5, Bodnarchuk was burning wood waste at his cabin at Crowrock Inlet on Rainy Lake.

No new fire starts

No new fires were reported yesterday in the West Fire Region.

One active fire in the Thunder Bay District is being monitored but not posing any problems.

The fire hazard is expected to remain in the “moderate” range, and “high” in some locations, with drier weather being forecast over the next several days.

Lying to CO costly

A North Carolina man has been fined $2,000 for lying to a Ministry of Natural Resources’ conservation officer.

Johnathan Morrison, of Candler, N.C., was convicted under the Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act of providing a false statement to a conservation officer.

Charges laid during blitz

Conservation officers from Kenora District laid 13 charges and issued 39 warnings during an enforcement blitz Aug. 2-10 on the Winnipeg River between Kenora and the Manitoba border.

Officers checked 264 anglers, of which 209 were non-residents, for compliance with the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and Ontario fisheries regulations.

Charges and warnings were issued for: