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Mia Rabson

MP calls parody account 'identity theft'

OTTAWA—Liberal Environment minister Catherine McKenna says parody social media accounts that deliberately try to mislead readers are a form of identity theft that needs to be addressed.

McKenna herself was targeted by a parody account that was shut down Tuesday by Twitter after McKenna complained—only to spring up again just hours later with a slightly different name and handle.

Feds' pipeline purchase spurs talk of reviving Energy East project

OTTAWA—If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is willing to go to the wall to save the Trans Mountain pipeline and get oil to Canada's west coast, federal Conservatives say he should be equally willing to do the same to revive a pipeline that would have brought oil to Canada's east coast.

And at least one Liberal backbencher is echoing that sentiment.

Liberal MP facing allegation

OTTAWA—Liberal MP Francis Drouin says an allegation has been made against him following an incident at the party's convention in Halifax this weekend.

Drouin, a 34-year-old MP from eastern Ontario, was described earlier this year as a rising star in the Liberal Party, with a firm grip on the agriculture file and standing as the most-lobbied backbencher on Parliament Hill.

Canada 150 chairs brings in brain gain

OTTAWA—Last June, Science Minister Kirsty Duncan hung out the “we're hiring” sign and dangled grants of up to $1 million to try and lure some of the best and brightest international researchers to come to work in Canada.

Nine months later, 24 scientists have been given the nod, 10 of whom are Canadians coming home from all over the world.

Duncan calls it a “brain gain.”