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By Melissa D’Arabian The Associated Press

How decadent doughnuts can be made healthier - baking them

Doughnuts are my kryptonite.

Fried sweet dough dipped in glaze, and then dunked into a cup of steaming-hot coffee? Yes, please. And I will give this to you straight: once or twice a year, I’m all in. I load up the car and take the kids to our favourite doughnut spot and we throw caution to the wind.

This microwaved version of claypot fish is legit delicious

Years ago I was travelling alone for work in New York City, and I popped into a random restaurant across the street from my hotel.

I asked for a menu recommendation from my waiter, and he insisted on a claypot fish, a simple dish of cod, tomatoes, onion, potatoes and lemon baked in a small cazuela, or clay pot.