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Mark Gerber

Not so sure

Dear editor:

Your headline on Page A4 in last week’s paper, “Right direction,” caught my eye.

While reading it, my thoughts went to the story—or rather history—of a town in the Bible.

We read about it in Genesis, chapters 18 and 19. It seems like the Lord himself came down to see what was going on.

Actually, quite interesting to read.

No mention

Dear sir:

Looking through last week’s Fort Frances Times, I could not find even one mention or message regarding Good Friday and/or Easter.

Since these are the major Christian events we celebrate each year, I would think it a good thing for them to be recorded and also explained to the younger generation.



Mark Gerber

Woe unto us

Dear editor,

We are very privileged in our part of the world.

Yes, Thanksgiving Day here in Canada was celebrated and we certainly are very blessed.

I just returned from Europe and while there in my country of birth, the official day of “Dank, Buss und Betag” was held. This translates to: “To give thanks to repent and pray.”

Ban goes too far

Dear editor:

Re: “Ban urged on dogs riding in backs of pickups.”

When we go to the field to pick up potatoes, etc., we often have a load of young helpers plus our dog along on the back of our truck.

I’m not sure which of the two enjoys the ride more, but I’m quite sure our dog is just as happy as the children.