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By Lolita C. Baldor The Associated Press

Russia fighting in Syria for a year, still at odds with US

WASHINGTON — A year after Russia waded into the war in Syria, aiming to flex its national security muscles and prop up beleaguered Syrian president Bashar Assad, Moscow appears no closer to one of its military goals, getting the U.S. to co-operate in the skies or on the ground in the civil war, and prospects for a diplomatic resolution seem dim.

US airstrike targets ‘Jihadi John’ from Islamic State slaying videos, his fate unclear

WASHINGTON A U.S. drone strike targeted a vehicle in Syria believed to be transporting the masked Islamic State militant known as “Jihadi John, according to American officials. Whether the strike killed the British man who appears in several videos depicting the beheadings of Western hostages was not known, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Friday.