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By Lauren La Rose The Canadian Press

Etiquette experts debate moving past handwritten notes

TORONTO—Cara Paiuk and her husband, Alex, sent thank-you cards following their engagement and wedding, but she candidly confesses she’s not a fan of the handwritten missives.

“Generally, I hate them. I don’t do them,” says the writer and photographer, who hails from Vancouver but now lives in West Hartford, Conn.

Should pre-selecting a baby’s sex be allowed?

TORONTO American model and TV host Chrissy Teigen has faced criticism after disclosing her personal decision to hand-pick a female embryo during in-vitro fertilization.

The wife of singer-songwriter John Legend told People Magazine she was excited at the thought of seeing her husband with a little girl, adding that he “deserves that bond” and that “a boy will come along.”

Shoppers seek out flyers for deals in the face of high food costs, weak loonie

TORONTO As the founder of savings blog Coupon Nannie, Dana Calder is always looking for a good bargain and she’s had plenty of company lately.

The number of questions on her Facebook page have skyrocketed since January, and she says most of the inquiries are related to food.

Functional training tops 2016 fitness trends list

TORONTO For a second year in a row, Canadian fitness experts are touting functional fitness and high-intensity interval training as top workout trends.

Functional fitness, which was second in Canfitpro’s annual trends survey last year and No. 1 this year, involves exercises that work multiple muscle groups and mimic activities like shoveling snow or carrying groceries.

Movember charity campaign seeks to draw more men with moustaches to cause

TORONTO Seth Glick was inspired by moustaches grown by his friends when he decided to ditch his razor for charity, but his reasons for sporting a “mo” cut even deeper.

“Unlike other charities, it wasn’t one run or one event ‚Äî it was the whole month,” said the Edmonton-based realtor, who has participated in the annual Movember campaign for six years.