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By Lauran Neergaard The Associated Press

Effort to curb overuse of antibiotics amid cold, flu seasons

WASHINGTON It’s cold season and the miserable trudge in seeking antibiotics because their mucus turned green, or the cough has nagged for weeks.

Despite years of warnings, doctors still overprescribe antibiotics for acute respiratory infections even though most are caused by viruses that those drugs cannot help.

Novel experiment shows tots start to distinguish that text, drawings have different meanings

WASHINGTON Celebrate your child’s scribbles. A novel experiment shows that even before learning their ABCs, youngsters start to recognize that a written word symbolizes language in a way a drawing doesn’t a developmental step on the path to reading.

Belt getting tighter? Study finds a pot belly risky even if you’re not considered overweight

WASHINGTON A pot belly can be a bad thing ‚Äî even if you’re not considered overweight.

New research suggests normal-weight people who carry their fat at their waistlines may be at higher risk of death over the years than overweight or obese people whose fat is more concentrated on the hips and thighs.