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Kristy Kirkup

RCMP should handle teens' deaths: Angus

OTTAWA—Ontario MP Charlie Angus is urging the public safety minister to launch an RCMP investigation into the deaths of two indigenous teenagers in Thunder Bay.

In a letter to Ralph Goodale released yesterday, Angus said 70 First Nations' leaders also have asked the Mounties to take a closer look at what happened to 17-year-old Tammy Keeash and 14-year-old Josiah Begg.

Former jurors calling for federal assistance

OTTAWA—Former jurors delivered an emotional plea yesterday for the federal government to create national supports for Canadians who perform jury duty.

Mark Farrant, who said he developed post-traumatic stress disorder after serving on a jury in 2014, characterized the experience as a descent into a dark hole from which he was never able to completely escape.