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By Kristen Gelineau The Associated Press

Who’s my father? Australia law ID’s once-secret sperm donors

MELBOURNE, Australia — For Peter Peacock, fate arrived in the form of a registered letter.

The letter looked to be a bit of a letdown. Peacock had gone to the post office expecting an aviator jacket he’d ordered online. The Australian grandfather tore the envelope open as he walked to his car ‚Äî at which point he stopped dead in his tracks.

Australian court debates release of Queen’s secret letters

SYDNEY, Australia — A legal battle over secret letters revealing what Queen Elizabeth II knew of her Australian representative’s stunning plan to dismiss Australia’s government in 1975 opened in federal court Monday, in a case that could finally solve a mystery behind the country’s most dramatic political crisis.

AF447 searcher recalls pain of failure as MH370 hunt ends

SYDNEY, Australia — Searchers’ frustration over Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is difficult to overstate, from the monstrous waves that battered search crews in one of the world’s most desolate stretches of ocean to the dearth of information on the plane’s flight path that stymied investigators. And now, perhaps most brutal of all, comes the admission of defeat.