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Keith Leslie

Wynne wants new rules for water bottling firms

TORONTO—The bottled water industry in Ontario is coming under renewed government scrutiny after a small township was outbid by multinational giant Nestle in its attempt to purchase a well to secure water supply for its growing community.

Premier Kathleen Wynne said today her government will look for ways to put community needs ahead of bottled water corporations.

Doctors vote to reject fee deal

TORONTO—Doctors in Ontario have rejected a tentative four-year fee agreement reached with the province’s Liberal government.

The Ontario Medical Association said yesterday that 63 percent of its members who cast ballots Sunday voted against the deal, which would have raised Ontario’s $11.5-billion physician services budget by 2.5 percent in each of the four years.

Cap-and-trade cost being hidden in bills

TORONTO—Ontario consumers won’t see a separate line item on their natural gas bills showing the cost of the Liberal government’s cap-and-trade plan to fight climate change.

The Ontario Energy Board has decided charges related to the cost of the program, which is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, will be included in the “delivery” line charge on natural gas bills.

Enforcement of labour laws a ‘serious problem’

TORONTO—An expert panel has found a “serious problem” with enforcement of employment standards across Ontario.

“We conclude there are too many people in too many workplaces who do not receive their basic rights,” said the special advisers appointed to do the first review of the Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act since the 1990s.

Province wants more Canadian books in schools

TORONTO—Ontario will incorporate the work of more Canadian authors into school curricula as part of a new provincial culture strategy unveiled last week by Tourism and Culture minister Eleanor McMahon.

“We’re going to get more books by Canadian authors into the hands of our school-age children,” McMahon announced at the Art Gallery of Ontario.